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Make a Plan for the First Loose Tooth!

LOSING BABY TEETH is a perfectly normal part of growing up, but it can still be a scary new experience for little kids, particularly the first time. Parents can make it easier by encouraging the right mindset. Emphasize that losing a tooth is part of being a big kid! Help them focus on what an achievement it is to lose a baby tooth instead of dwelling on how it might hurt. This can be exciting!

Technique Matters!

Technique is as important as a good mindset. We would discourage parents from chasing their kids down with a pair of pliers or tricking them with that old “I just want to feel it!” ruse to get close enough to pull the tooth. Encourage them instead to gently wiggle the tooth on their own with their tongue, a tissue, or a clean finger. Let them set the pace and only intervene if they ask for help pulling the tooth.

Use The Right Incentives

A creative reward can also help. The standard way of giving a child a good incentive to brave the pain of losing a tooth is the Tooth Fairy, but why not make things a little more unique? Some kids might be more motivated by a promise of a trip to the ice cream shop or a new toy. Tailor the prize to their personality as much as you can.

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