What causes dry mouth?

McHenry dentists, dry mouthOur McHenry dentists see a variety of  patients who complain of dry mouth (xerostomia).

What causes dry mouth?

Medications:  Many common medications decrease saliva.  These medications include:   cold remedies,  antihistamines. anti-depressants, some beta-blockers, anti-hypertensives and diuretics.

Disease:  Patients with uncontrolled diabetes, arthritis, HIV, anemia or stroke.

Chemotherapy:  Patients who are treated for head and neck cancer report a decrease in saliva.   Their saliva glands may be affected by the chemotherapy.

Lifestyle Habits:  Smoking and using chewing tobacco affect saliva production.

If you would like to learn more, click here to watch a video by the American Dental Association on dry mouth.

The McHenry Dentist has the solutions for loose fitting dentures

Solutions for loose fitting dentures | The McHenry Dentist   The McHenry dentists have the solutions for loose fitting dentures.   There are now a variety of treatment options for patients looking for relief for loose fitting dentures.  The first step is to visit The McHenry Dentist so the dentists can examine your mouth.  Overtime, the bone and tissue supporting your denture can change.  Patients with dentures or partials should routinely visit The McHenry Dentist to check for tissue health and proper denture fit.   The dentist will then present you with treatment options which may include:

Temporary denture reline
Indirect denture reline
Denture remake
Stabilize the denture with the support of dental implants

Having well fitting dentures will improve your function, speech, your ability to chew and your self confidence.  Don’t wait, call the McHenry Dentist for your consultation to find the right solutions for your loose fitting dentures.

McHenry dentists answer the question: “how can you get rid of bad breath?”

Getting rid of bad breath, the McHenry DentistMcHenry Dentists, Dr. Tom Kaczynski and Dr. Anthony Varchetto tell the patients at The McHenry Dentist that getting rid of bad breath is easy.

Here are a few simple ways to combat bad breath:

1)  Visit your dentist.  The McHenry Dentists can examine your mouth to identify things like gum disease which can cause bad breath.

2) Have your teeth cleaned at least every 6 months.  Having a professional dental cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist will remove the plaque and built up tartar (calculus) that can cause periodontal disease (gum disease) and bad breath.

3)  Brush your tongue.  Bacteria lives on the surface of your tongue.  Cleaning the tongue surface with a toothbrush or a tongue brush can eliminate the bacteria that can cause bad breath.

4)  Brush and Floss daily.  Brushing and flossing can eliminate the bacteria and food deposits that cause bad breath.

5) Rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash.  Rinse with a mouthwash that kills bacteria that can cause bad breath.  Ask the McHenry dentists which oral rinse is right for you.

6)  Stop smoking and/or using chewing tobacco.  Smoking and chewing tobacco cause bad breath.

7)  See your physician.  There are a variety of systemic diseases that cause bad breath.  See your physician to eliminate any medical reasons for your bad breath.




What Causes Bad Breath?

What causes bad breathHave you wondered what causes bad breath?  The McHenry Dentists say “There are a number of reasons that a patient may experience bad breath.”

Our McHenry dentists find that patients who smoke, have periodontal disease (gum disease), poor oral hygiene, dry mouth or have systemic (medical) diseases complain of bad breath.

Watch a video or read more about bad breath on the American Dental Association website called HealthyMouth.org.

Check back next week for some tips on how to eliminate bad breath.

Look Your Best For Prom!

Whiten your teeth for prom at The McHenry DentistLook your best for your high school prom.   Complete the picture with a bright white smile. Call The McHenry Dentist to get your teeth whitened for your prom, one of the most exciting nights of high school.

We have appointments available before your prom. Don’t wait, our schedule is filling up fast! Contact us at (815) 363-0103

Johnsburg dentists say “wear a mouth guard”

johnsburg dentists, mouth guard Johnsburg dentists recommend that all children and adults who play sports wear a mouth guard.

The American Dental Association reported that “an athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth when not wearing a mouthguard.”   Wearing a mouth guard while you are playing a sport will prevent: chipped and broken teeth, broken dental crowns, lip and cheek cuts, root damage,  and jaw fractures.   

What is a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are made of flexible thermoplastic materials.  The staff at The McHenry Dentist can make one for you or your child.  The mouth guard can cover the top teeth and gums or it can be made to cover the top and bottom teeth as well as the gums.

When should you wear a mouth guard?

Johnsburg dentists recommend that you wear mouth guards for all sports including football, skating, baseball, softball, gymnastics, skate boarding, hockey, wrestling, boxing, lacrosse, field hockey, biking, soccer and volleyball.


Johnsburg Dentists say: “choose tap water”


Johnsburg Dentists, tap water

Bottled Water vs Tap Water

Johnsburg dentists say:  “choose tap water instead of bottled water if you want to reduce dental caries.”   The McHenry Dentists suggest you drink tap water from reusable glasses, cups or bottles.  Tap water has fluoride that will fortify the teeth of children and adults.  Teeth fortified with fluoride will be more resistant to dental caries (cavities).  Bottled water does not have fluoride.

Drinking tap water from a reusable container will help save the environment too!   The Huffington Post stated “There are 1,500 water bottles consumed per SECOND in the U.S.”    Johnsburg dentists believe that we can work together to improve the environment and your dental health, one drink at a time.