September is Better Breakfast Month

Fast ideas for a healthy breakfast | The McHenry DentistSeptember is Better Breakfast Month. Celebrate by eating a healthy breakfast low in sugar.

Here are some ideas for a fast and healthy breakfast that the team at The McHenry Dentist adapted from options presented by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Read their entire article….

  • Add fresh fruit, whole-grain cereal or granola to low-fat yogurt. Serve it with some orange juice.
  • Make a fresh fruit and low-fat milk smoothie.  Just mix frozen strawberries, a banana, low-fat or fat free milk with ice and blend for a 30-second smoothie.
  • Add dried cranberries or other dried fruit and almonds to quick-cooking or microwave oatmeal.
  • Prepare a fresh veggie omelet.
  • Pack your breakfast to go with a banana or an apple and trail mix you make the night before or the week before.  Mix whole grain cereal or granola, almonds or Pistachios and your favorite mix of dried fruits like raisins, cherries, apricots, pineapple or mango).   Store your trail mix to single serving sandwich bags.

Adding more fruit to your breakfast is a great way to incorporate low sugar alternatives to your diet.

PS>> Don’t forget to brush your teeth after breakfast and you are good to go!

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